The UK's Specialist Contractor of Dr Schutz Floor Systems.

 New: R10 Anti Slip. As it cures it's creates a profile. This means: No ugly Aggregate that you can't clean.

Step to a Stadium Dr Schutz Floor Coatings Deliver.

Slip No More / R10 Additive

A clear two part anti slip coating that is barely visible and easy to clean. Our amazing coating is virtually smooth Independently certified on the BS7976 Pendulum Slip Tester.

PU Sealer / Wax No More

All Vinyl type floors come with a factory wear layer that wears off after a few years making it harder to clean and attract dirt. ‘Wax No More’ brings the floor back to its original condition making it easier to maintain whilst keeping original look.

Anticolor / Mark No More

Special two-part polyurethane sealer with high resistance to chemical dying (hair colorants, wound disinfectants, etc.) and plasticizer migrations (e.g., from rubber). An extremely heard wearing sealer film with a satin finish

Whether you are looking for: Anti Slip - Anti Static - Floor Protection - Anti Staining or High quality floor maintainers - Dr Schutz can provide you with the best floor systems for the job. The UK Floor Sealers are approved contractors of Dr Schutz and have specialist knowledge of application following extensive training received from visiting the head office in Hanover, Germany.

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