Protect & Prolong the lifetime & Safety of your floors
Protect & Prolong the lifetime & Safety of your floors

You've paid for it, Now protect it with Dr Schutz PU Sealers.

STOP losing money year after year, stripping and Re-Polishing / Waxing.

Dr Schutz perminant sealers are the most cost effective solution for maintaining your floors.


  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Terrazzo
  • Amtico
  • Kardean

The UK's Approved & Certified Contractor of Dr Schutz Coatings.


Is this your floor problem

  • extremely frequented floor means hard wear and heavy use
  • ugly scratches and unsightly friction marks
  • your floor needs intensive care and causes high cleaning costs
  • it seems like renovation will soon be unavoidable
  • long business interruption would be too expensive and unacceptable

  • hygienic conditions fall short of optimal
  • safety underfoot is limited, compared with the new non slip condition.

Then Pu Sealer is You Answer.

  • guarantee 6 times higher long-term protection for the surface against friction damage and scratches
  • economical in use and friendly to the environment
  • make the floor resistant to chemicals and plasticizers
  • improve the overall appearance and makes a good impression
  • proven to extend the lifetime of floor use
  • anti slip can be added for guaranteed safety underfoot.

Simply Ingenious - ingeniously Simple.

Without PU protective layer. Heavy use and wear,together with dirt particles can cause permanent damage to the surface structure.


PU Sealer protects the surface and makes the floor particularly easy to clean and care for.



Pu Sealer details
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Cost Comparision - Conventional method vs. PU Sealer

Savings up to 50 % according to FIGR Institute *


* The prices per m² and the technical lifetime of the flooring are based on the calculations of

the FIGR (Research and Testing Institute for Facility Management GmbH), as well as the guarantee

statement of Dr. Schutz. The costs per m² for replacement of flooring take into account

the removal and disposal of the old covering, treatment of the surface underneath, as well as

buying and laying new flooring.


Dr. Schutz – global leader in innovative floor care

Established in 1955, Dr. Schutz is now enjoying its second generation of private ownership under the management of the Schutz family. The enterprise has always seen itself as a partner to flooring and refurb specialists. Incorporating high-quality renovating and care agents, Dr. Schutz products are making a significant contribution to the fact that different floor coverings including PVC, linoleum, carpeting, laminate and wood are able to maintain their value over a long period of time.
In addition to manufacturing and marketing its floor care range, Dr. Schutz sees its main task in the development and advancement of its products in collaboration with the flooring manufacturers and recognised research and test institutes. This accounts for the high quality standard of the products and the company's corresponding advantage over its competitors with regard to innovation. Dr. Schutz-branded products have always served to maintain the value of floor coverings and are now recommended by the leading floor manufacturers around the world.



Dr Schutz floor coatings -  anti stain - anti slip - non slip - Esd - anti static

We have installed Pu Sealer into:

  • office buildings
  • stores and shops
  • hotels and guest houses
  • doctors' surgeries
  • playschools and schools
  • gyms and fitness centres
  • building sites


Are you interested in a specific service?

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The complete floor care from people that care.

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Floor Safe anti slip treatment for tiled floors. from Glenn Mac @ Floor Safe Ltd on Vimeo.

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